Movie costars Sterling K. Brown and Jeff Goldblum

Fictional film folks operating outside the law rarely receive the best medical treatment (just ask Tom Cruise’s on-the-run cop in Minority Report). But what if there was a specific place where lawbreakers could go and have their wounds treated?

In the new, near future-set, action-thriller Hotel Artemis, Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) plays a character called The Nurse who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. The film is written and directed by Drew Pearce and costars Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us), Sofia Boutella (The Mummy), Jeff Goldblum (Thor: Ragnarok), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta), Jenny Slate (Saturday Night Live), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek), Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy).

“This is really original,” Brown recently told EW about what drew him to the film. “You’ve got a hospital for criminals, so these are bad guys, but he’s got a purpose beyond just himself, so he’s a good bad guy. … It’s got a dope cast. … It was one of Jodie’s first movies in several years. You’re working with one of the icons of the game, so there was nothing but pluses all the way around for your boy.”

Hotel Artemis will be released on June 8. Watch the film’s trailer, above.

Reporting by Maureen Lee Lenker