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April 12, 2018 at 03:34 PM EDT
Truth or Dare
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Truth or Dare

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Every college kid dreams about spring break — a week away from responsibility to let off some steam with friends, ideally somewhere near a beach. And for the college kids in Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare, they get just that: a trip to Mexico with their best friends to live it up while they still can. But the perfect trip takes a turn when, on their last night, they’re invited to play a game of Truth or Dare. It seems harmless at first, but they quickly realize that the game is real. They have to play along — and do so honestly — or else they die.

The horror film stars Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey as two of those college kids, so EW caught up with them to discuss their filming experience, their most prominent spring break memories, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Much of the drama in this movie takes place in Mexico. Did you all get to go to Mexico?
TYLER POSEY: We did take a “bonding trip” to Mexico.
LUCY HALE: They were like, “We want you guys to spend a couple days with each other to vibe off one another,” so we actually did go to Mexico, but we filmed in LA.
POSEY: It brought all of us closer together, so it really did work.

Did you play Truth or Dare together? What’d you do to bond?
HALE: We drank. [Laughs]
POSEY: We drank. We listened to music and joked around on the way up there.
HALE: I think most of our bonding was at the Mexican-U.S. border, because we literally sat there for six hours. That’s where we got to know each other because we had nowhere else to go.
POSEY: At one point we were all in the jacuzzi and somebody did ask, “Truth or dare?” and it was kind of lame. But I think we played.
HALE: I must’ve missed that.

Did either of you play Truth or Dare growing up?
POSEY: I did if there was a girl I liked because I hoped I would get dared to kiss her or something.
HALE: I love Truth or Dare. I feel like I’m pretty outgoing, so I would always do the dares. But that’s also what made me want to do the movie, because this is a game that we’re all familiar with, so we take that and ruin it for the rest of your life. [Laughs]
POSEY: Or make it better.

If you could play Truth or Dare with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
HALE: Elvis Presley. I have such a crush on him.
POSEY: [To Hale] I want to play with your [dog] Elvis. Truth or Dare with any dog to find out what they’re thinking would be cool.

Both Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars had a horror element. Is that something you enjoy?
POSEY: I had a lot of fun on Teen Wolf, and I loved the blood. Sometimes I miss being doused in buckets of blood. There is an element of horror that’s really fun to shoot. The stakes are high; it’s really intense.
HALE: I am a fan of the genre. I love anything super dramatic, super scary. I’m the first one in line to buy movie tickets to this kind of movie. But for me, I didn’t do this movie because it was a horror film; I wanted to do this movie because I really liked the character. I think she’s badass, and she puts her friends before anything else. I always pick projects based on if I like the character, and it just so happened to be a horror film, which is always fun to do. I love watching those types of films.

What are your favorite horror films?
POSEY: I love old-school stuff. I really like The Shining.
HALE: The Blair Witch Project, the original Exorcist. The first Paranormal Activity f—ed up my life forever. I believe in all of that. I just bought a book about a female exorcist.
POSEY: There’s no question why you were selected for this movie.
HALE: I love serial killers, exorcisms, you name it.
POSEY: Lucy might be a serial killer.
HALE: Don’t let my big eyes confuse you. [Laughs]

How would your Teen Wolf and PLL characters fare in the game?
POSEY: Our characters in Truth or Dare, this is the first time anything crazy has happened to them, whereas Aria and Scott are conditioned. They’d expect it more.
HALE: [To Posey] Have you watched PLL?
HALE: I haven’t watched Teen Wolf, either, but I’m really supportive of you. [Laughs] But I feel like our characters were really badass and they would totally win the game.

Did you guys take trips on spring break?
HALE: I would always go to Florida with my sister’s friends and would lie about my age. I was 13, 15 acting like I was 18 because for some reason I looked older then than I do now.
POSEY: I never really did that. I did a couple cruises with my friend, but his parents were there. But we smoked pot with his grandma one time, which was kind of cool.
HALE: When you get the grandma stoned, it’s always a win.

Truth or Dare hits theaters Friday, April 13.

Truth or Dare

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