'Scream' star teaches people how to paint 'little happy trees'
ABC's "The Chew" - Season Seven
Credit: Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

Do you want to be instructed in the Bob Ross school of painting by Scream franchise actor David Arquette? Well, that’s an unusual (and highly specific) dream, but one which may be more easily achievable than you might imagine. Arquette was the guest on the most recent episode of director Mick Garris’ Post Mortem podcast and told the host — with whom the actor worked on 2004’s Stephen King adaptation Riding the Bullet — that he is now a certified Bob Ross teacher.

“I recently took a course, a Bob Ross instructional course,” Arquette told Garris. “He’s so calming…and he’s so amazing, the way he paints so fast, and I was just obsessed with it, and it just relaxed me, so I was just watching one time and I thought, I wonder if you can take his course still, if you can paint these things that he’s painting. So, I called up to BobRoss.com and they were like, ‘Yeah, there’s a local instructor you can find.’ So, I met this guy, and he was amazing, and I took this course, and then I asked him, like, ‘How did you get certified to do this?’ And he said, ‘Well, it’s a three-week course in New Smyrna Beach.’ So, this past summer, I went there. and I did it. and now I’ve taught like 30 people how to paint these little happy trees.”

You can hear Arquette’s full episode of the podcast here.