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In the supernatural thriller Marrowbone (out April 13), Charlie Heaton, George MacKay, Mia Goth, and Matthew Stagg play siblings who decide to keep their mother’s death a secret until MacKay’s character is 21. That turns out to be much easier said than done in this Spain-shot terror tale from writer-director Sergio Sánchez, whose previous credits include penning 2007’s instant horror classic, The Orphanage.

“We’re seeing this family who have had to flee England, and their past, and they’ve come to start a new life in America,” says the British Heaton, who is best known for playing Jonathan Byers on Netflix’s Stranger Things. “It starts off as a story of a family trying to start again and trying to protect each other. [But] there is that element where you’re not sure about what is going on in the house that they live in. Obviously, something is in this house and something is troubling all the siblings. It does kind of take a turn.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did you get the role of Billy Marrowbone?
CHARLIE HEATON: After Stranger Things season 1 finished, I flew back to England, and I had a casting with Sergio, but they were keeping it under wraps, there was no script. It was probably one of the most intense auditions I had to do. He wouldn’t tell me what I was doing, it was the whole thing about the attic, and there was this thing in the attic, and I had to say these things to the camera, and I just remember it being a very intense audition. I remember Sergio instructing me, and obviously I had just worked for six months, and I hadn’t auditioned in a while. At the end of the audition, Sergio said to me, ‘Well, you’re the best Billy I’ve seen!'”

Was the shoot a bonding experience for the actors who were playing siblings?
Yeah, completely. We all still stay in touch. The thing that kind of stays with me from this movie was the relationships that we were able to create. It really became a family, with me, George, Mia, and Matthew, we all became so close. We were all kind of isolated in our own way in this small town. It was one of those projects you look back on with so much fondness because it really did feel like a caring, nurturing family, and it was Sergio’s directorial debut, and so there was a lot of trust on all parts. It was a very big bonding experience and I feel like that definitely shows on the screen. When I watched it for the first time, I got very emotional because it was like seeing my family, you know. We were all there together.

When do you start shooting the third season of Stranger Things?
I’m going back at the end of April. We just did some panels in L.A., and it was great to see everyone, and everyone is pretty excited to go back. After the first season was such a success, you know, [we thought], ‘Can we create something that we managed to do so well in the first season?’ And we came back, and we shot the second season, and it did really well, and people love it. So, I’m pretty excited to get the scripts and to go back, for sure.”

Watch the trailer for Marrowbone below and a scene from the movie with Heaton, above.

Marrowbone costars Anya Taylor-Joy and Kyle Soller. The film is released in select theaters and on VOD, April 13. 

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