Supporting cast at Chattanooga Film Festival event included 'Doctor Strange' cowriter C. Robert Cargill and 'The Battery' actor Jeremy Gardner

By Clark Collis
April 11, 2018 at 02:59 PM EDT

Last weekend’s Chattanooga Film Festival saw the world premiere of director Lisa Downs and producer Ashley Pugh’s documentary Life After Flash, about actor Sam J. Jones, who played the titular hero in the 1980 science fiction extravaganza, Flash Gordon (see image of Jones, Downs, and Pugh, below). To mark the occasion, Jones took part in a live reading of the movie’s script, which was notable for a couple of reasons. It was the first time an audience heard him perform the role — many of Jones’ lines were overdubbed by another actor in the finished movie — and the event also boasted a supporting cast of genre notables such as Jeremy Gardner (actor-director, The Battery), C. Robert Cargill (cowriter, Doctor Strange), Jenn Wexler (director, The Ranger), Graham Skipper (director, Sequence Break), Matt Mercer (actor, Beyond the Gates), Izzy Lee (director, Rites of Vengeance), and Morgan Peter Brown (actor, Contracted: Phase II, All the Creatures Were Stirring).

Watch an exclusive clip of the Flash Gordon script reading, above and see an image of Jones, Downs, and Pugh, below.

Jason Dunn