John Krasinski and Emily Blunt tell EW how filming that pivotal moment unfolded

Last week John Krasinski’s thriller A Quiet Place roared into theaters, topping the box office and earning more than $50 million its opening weekend. If you’ve seen it — and if you haven’t you should probably wait until you do before continuing reading, a.k.a. spoilers ahead — you know how intense a certain birthing scene unfolded.

When EW sat down with writer/director/star John Krasinski and real life spouse and star Emily Blunt, it was one of the many things we were dying to ask about. In the film, Evelyn (Blunt) goes into labor while her husband (Krasinksi) is nowhere near. Tough, right? Well, add to that already stressful situation that in the film this family cannot make any noise for risk of being discovered by the murderous creatures who hunt via sound. “It’s so awful, isn’t it,” says Blunt (rather gleefully). “The good thing about it though was that John was like, we’re going to spend five days doing it and then we are done. He was very considerate because he knew it was going to be physically demanding. I said, let’s just do it then.” She laughs. “And then we were both toasted by it. Everyone on set was feeling rather fragile. The crew was really upset by it.”

In fact, Krasinski says that after the shooting of that sequence finished, no one on the crew could make eye contact with Blunt. “She changes the air in the room. It’s not acting, it’s like you are witnessing a moment you shouldn’t be witnessing. I have a whole new respect for her. Only one guy would talk to her and he said, ‘I don’t think we were supposed to watch that. None of us should have been there.'”

For the record Blunt, who has two children with Krasinski, says, “I don’t think I could have done that silently.” But, she says, as an acting experience it was unforgettable: “It was exciting and then it was just cool to do the different levels — so many fun things to play with: the threat of the creature, the contractions building and having to be quiet and terrified. It’s a lot to play with.”

A Quiet Place is in theaters now.

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