Class Rank

It seems like there may be no better moment for a movie about teens taking on the establishment. “Doesn’t it?” says director Eric Stoltz. “It’s just blind luck in that area. We made it before the roof caved in on our society and it’s finally coming out, just at the right time to have a film about smart and caring kids who want to affect change — change the rules and change the government.”

Class Rank follows an overachieving high school student (played by Olivia Holt, Kickin’ It) who enlists a fellow student to run for school board to overthrow the system that had relegated her to be number two in the class.

At first glance, the protagonist comes across as Election‘s Tracy Flick for the modern era. “I wouldn’t deny that there’s a relationship to Tracy Flick, but there’s more than that,” Stolz tells EW. “Here’s the difference: these kids care, and it’s not about just getting ahead. They want to change the rules, and in their attempt to do so they end up changing themselves — but it’s about persevering and learning to fail better. It’s not necessarily about winning at all costs.”

The film also stars Skyler Gisondo (Santa Clarita Diet), Kristin Chenoweth (Glee, Pushing Daisies), and Bruce Dern (Nebraska).

Look for Class Rank in theaters and on-demand May 11.

Class Rank
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