'He's someone who admitted that he did what he was accused of doing and admitted that it wasn't right,' she said
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Edie Falco has addressed the sexual misconduct scandal involving Louis C.K., her director and costar on I Love You, Daddy. The actress — along with the rest of the cast — dropped out of promoting the film last year as claims against the comedian came to light, but Falco told New York magazine in a recent interview that she hopes he gets a second chance.

“He’s someone who admitted that he did what he was accused of doing and admitted that it wasn’t right,” she said. “If I was not given another chance a couple of times, there is no way we’d be having this interview right now. People who are committed to becoming aware of what they’ve done and changing, they can be our strongest proponents in an issue like this.”

The New York Times initially published an article in November that included claims of sexual misconduct from five women within the comedy world. C.K. later responded to the article, stating in part, “These stories are true.” I Love You, Daddy was dropped by distributor The Orchard, and C.K. then worked to buy back the rights.

“There is nothing about this that I forgive myself for. And I have to reconcile it with who I am. Which is nothing compared to the task I left them with,” C.K. said in his official statement.

When it comes to someone like Harvey Weinstein, Falco says, “I just don’t see” him getting another chance. The disgraced movie producer behind The Weinstein Company has been accused by dozens of women over the past few months of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Weinstein has denied any instance of nonconsensual intercourse but sought treatment at an Arizona facility.

“I also still believe Trump’s gonna be impeached, so I have no idea,” Falco said of whether Weinstein might get a chance at redemption. “I can’t be shocked anymore by the stuff that happens. It’s almost like a great novel, I can’t wait to get to the end of it. I can’t wait to see how we emerge from this. There’s no way around the changes that need to be made. I think this is the last dying gasp of rich white men.”

The star of Nurse Jackie, who can be seen in the film Outside In, also shared stories with New York magazine of how she went to Purchase College with Wesley Snipes, “one of two black guys” in the class who kept getting “all these s—ty parts” but proved everyone wrong when he became “this huge movie star.”

She mentioned another story about her attempts to finally watch The Sopranos. “A couple summers ago, Aida Turturro and I decided to sit down and watch it all in order,” she recalled. “We got through the first four of the first season and we stopped. We found ourselves sort of making excuses about it. I think it was too hard, even 20 years later.”

Representatives for Falco did not immediately return EW’s request for additional comment. Read the full interview over at New York magazine.

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