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What do you remember about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? The impressively verbose lead performances by stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter? The historical figures crammed into the time-traveling phone booth? The futuristic cameos by real-life musicians Clarence Clemons, Martha Davis, and Fee Waybill? The air guitars?

For Reeves himself, one memory sticks out from his time working on the 1989 box office sensation: “I loved Ted hair.”

Ted hair?

“Ted Hair was really hard to do,” says Winter. “I gotta give Keanu credit for that.”

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To hear the actors tell it, the Wyld Stallyn’s wild hair was a very particular piece of production. “Ted Hair had to be kinda out like this” says Winter, motioning outwards, “But it had to be out at this kinda physically impossible level. But not too high.”

“I’m kinda close to Ted Hair, almost,” says Reeves, motioning to his long black hair.

“I had to suffer for months with him trying to get it where it needed to be,” laughs Winter. But his costar also notes the moment in the film when the preparation completely paid off. During the climactic history presentation, Ted receives a healthy dose of psychoanalysis from Sigmund Freud (Rod Loomis). He leans up, unleashes a cathartic “Whoa,” and the camera catches him in a perfectly haired close-up.

“It’s the best example of Ted hair in the whole movie,” says Winter. “It’s perfect.”

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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