We might have found the president of the My Little Pony fan club — and she’s very passionate about her ponies.

In a video circulating the internet, a girl named Julianna can’t contain her excitement after receiving a DVD of My Little Pony: The Movie, which came out in October 2017, from her “papa.”

“This. Is. The. Mermaid. My Little Pony one! Oh my gosh!” she says between excited breaths. “I even said the F-word. This is so awesome!”

Upon closer examination, she notices that MLP‘s Spike the Dragon “looks a little pufferfish” on the disc, and that, per an ad she saw about the film, there might be a new pony in the bunch. She even climbs out of her car seat to give the camera a closer look.

“I love the new changes!” she says.

Apparently, she was given the DVD and a donut, which is pretty sweet, even if it is a school day.

“It’s the best day of my life, exclamation point!” she proclaims.

Watch the adorable clip above. See a trailer from the film here.

My Little Pony: The Movie
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