Jason Sudeikis, Ed Harris, and Elizabeth Olsen are taking the scenic route in the new Kodachrome trailer, released Tuesday.

The Netflix road movie centers on Matt Ryder (Sudeikis), who is talked into driving his estranged and dying father, Ben (Harris), across the country on a quest to get four old rolls of Kodachrome film to the one lab left in the world where it can be developed before that location closes down for good. Ben’s nurse, Zoe (Olsen), tags along for the ride.

One of the world’s greatest living photographers, Ben can remember every shot he’s ever taken, but he struggles when it comes to something as simple as his own son’s birthday. “No art worth a damn was ever created out of happiness, I can tell you that much,” he says in the trailer.

Kodachrome comes to Netflix and select theaters on April 20. Watch the trailer above.