Film details untold story of notorious tale of hashish smuggler

By Clark Collis
March 23, 2018 at 04:39 PM EDT

Directed by Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning) and written by Oliver Stone (Platoon) the 1978 film Midnight Express related the purportedly true story of Billy Hayes (played by Brad Davis), an American who was sent to a brutal prison in Turkey for attempting to smuggle hashish out of the country. The movie was a box office hit which secured six Oscar nominations, but over time has been criticized for deviating from the facts of Hayes’ case and for its racist depiction of Turks. Now, a new documentary, called Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey, takes a look at the story behind this notorious tale. Directed by Sally Sussman, the film includes interviews with Hayes, Stone, Parker, producer David Puttnam, and others.

See the trailer for Midnight Return below and an exclusive clip, above.

Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey is now available to watch on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.