By Mary Kate Carr
March 21, 2018 at 09:58 AM EDT

Nothing is as it seems in the new trailer for Under the Silver Lake. Or maybe everything is?

In the new film from It Follows director David Robert Mitchell, Andrew Garfield stars as Sam, a young man who becomes increasingly paranoid after his enticing neighbor Sarah (Riley Keough) disappears unexpectedly. After finding Sarah’s apartment cleared out and abandoned, Sam begins to obsess over clues and codes he sees left behind, following the rabbit hole down into the secret underbelly of Los Angeles.

The deeper Sam goes into his amateur investigation, the more he begins to unravel. “Why do we assume that all this information is what we’re told it is? Maybe there are people out there who are more important than us, more powerful, communicating things in the world that are meant for only them and not for us!” He asserts in the trailer.

Under the Silver Lake also features Topher Grace and Jimmi Simpson. The film is set to premiere June 22.

Watch the trailer above.

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  • 04/19/19
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