What other horror movies have Netflix users turned off en masse about two-thirds of the way through?
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Even for the discerning Netflix viewer, some horror movies are just too scary.

Per new data from the streaming service, whose contents were reported by Forbes, there’s a swath of films currently on the streaming service that tend to be switched off, en masse, after viewers get a little more than two-thirds of the way through. According to Netflix, they used a 70-percent threshold to determine the “too scary” factor, since content is typically stopped much earlier when the motivating factor is dislike or disinterest.

The list of 10 movies provided by Forbes includes an eclectic mix of modern horror classics, derided remakes, and cult favorites. The set, in alphabetical order, is below.

  • Cabin Fever (2016)
  • Carnage Park
  • The Conjuring
  • The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
  • Jeruzalem
  • México Bárbaro
  • Piranha (2010)
  • Raw
  • Teeth
  • The Void

It’s worth noting that the math described by Forbes may be a little imperfect here. After all, Cabin Fever has the rare distinction of holding a 0% Rotten Tomatoes score (based on 28 reviews), indicating all sorts of reasons for incomplete viewing. Others listed here including Teeth, Raw, and the infamous Human Centipede sequel are more gross-out films than horror, meaning people who checked out late perhaps took all they could of the nasty material.

Whatever the exact science behind this information, however, one thing seems safe to say: Some genre films on Netflix are just too much for some people. And we really don’t blame anyone for turning off The Human Centipede 2 early.