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During the latest segment of PeopleTV's Couch Surfing, David Arquette was super uncomfortable watching his younger self and ex-wife Courteney Cox interact in scenes from the 1996 film Scream. Host Lola Ogunnaike pulled him in for a hug to contain the feels.

"This is just — I can't go on," he joked, squirming in his seat. "This is too painful."

Arquette explained that although the two spent much of the first Scream film flirting and falling for each other, the declining health of his mother during the production of Scream 2 left him a wreck and their relationship rocky.

"Wes [Craven] sat me down and said, 'David, she really likes you,'" the Never Been Kissed actor recalled. "'Just get your act together.'"

The couple divorced in 2013 after 14 years of marriage. Arquette says they are still "dear friends," especially for the sake of their 13-year-old daughter Coco, who refuses to watch her parents in the cult classic horror film.

While the original made a household name of Arquette, he says people often confuse him for Dave Sheridan's Doofy, the Scary Movie spoof role of Arquette's Deputy Dewey.

"I don't make love to vacuum cleaners," he said pointedly with a laugh.

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