By Nick Romano
March 09, 2018 at 11:58 AM EST

The time has come, once again, for another crash course in comic book lore for all you casual superhero enthusiasts.

Director Patty Jenkins confirmed Friday that the rumblings about Wonder Woman 2‘s secret villain are indeed true: Kristen Wiig, of Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids fame, will play Cheetah. But, like all of those puzzled viewers walking out of the theater after a post-credits scene, we know there are others out there going, “Are we supposed to know who that is?”

No need to fret. You can start dazzling your geeky friend circle with this quick guide to the character.

Cheetah is one of Diana’s most famous adversaries. If the name didn’t tip you off, she assumes a feline appearance, typically with cheetah-esque spots, tail, and ferocious claws to match. She also maintains feline agility and strength. Unlike Catwoman, Cheetah is an actual cat woman.

She has appeared across DC’s comic books, animated TV series, and animated movies. But, after Wonder Woman herself finally got the live-action feature film she deserved in 2017, her foe will come to life on the big screen with Wonder Woman 2.

Various characters have assumed the name Cheetah. Priscilla Rich was the original Cheetah, hailing from the Golden Age of comic books in the 1940s. Suffering from a split personality, one side of Priscilla was a rich debutante who felt upstaged by Diana. The other side was the Cheetah, a nefarious huntress who executed robberies. Priscilla’s niece, Deoborah Domaine, picked up the mantle of Cheetah in later issues.

There was also a male Cheetah at one point, though his stint was short lived, and another iteration saw the character as a resurrected Amazon warrior.

Perhaps the more recognized version of the character came in 1987’s Wonder Woman: Rebirth! #7. Barbara Minerva, a British archeologist, invoked the cat god Urzkartaga and transmogrified into a superhuman feline form. Barbara’s origin has been tweaked in various comics over the years, like in the New 52 story line when she was seen alongside Steve Trevor in Washington, D.C. as Wonder Woman arrived. Obsessed with Greek mythology and historic artifacts, Barbara became enthralled with Wonder Woman and her golden lasso.

Jenkins confirmed over social media that Barbara is the version of Cheetah Wiig will be playing. We’ve seen Cara Delevingne’s June Moone channeling an ancient sorceress in Suicide Squad, so Wiig channeling a mutant cat lady isn’t so farfetched.

Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

Not much is known about how Wiig’s Cheetah will fold into the mythology established in Wonder Woman, though the film will take place in the 1980s against the backdrop of the Cold War. Jenkins’ first film introduced Diana as the daughter of the god Zeus and Themyscira’s Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and the heroine fought against Ares, the god of war (David Thewlis).

Wonder Woman 2, titled Wonder Woman 1984, is scheduled to open in theaters on Nov. 1, 2019.