Tommy Wiseau has just gone from The Disaster Artist to disaster movie artist. The subject of the James Franco-directed film has been digitally inserted into films like Twister and Deep Impact, courtesy of ScreenJunkies.

“You have to go faster. Come on! Go faster,” Wiseau, portrayed by Franco as the undiscovered movie star in The Disaster Artist, exclaims to a circa-1996 Bill Pullman.

The star of The Room, dubbed “the Citizen Kane of bad movies,” filmed dialogue in front of a green screen and the ScreenJunkies crew subsequently made movie magic. Now we know what Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom would look like with Wiseau acting opposite Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

It’s a lot of “c’mon, let’s go!”

After achieving cult fame status from The Room, Wiseau has been riding the wave of attention from The Disaster Artist towards more projects.

He can be seen as a bounty hunter searching for “love and justice in a population full of mutants, freaks, and cannibals” in Scary Love, a music video from the band The Neighbourhood directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford. Wiseau also reunited with The Room‘s Greg Sestero for Best F(r)iends.

Watch his latest moment of viral gold in the video above.

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