Horror film now available on collector's edition Blu-ray

By Clark Collis
March 06, 2018 at 08:20 PM EST

How did Liv Tyler manage to look so terrified in writer-director Bryan Bertino’s modern-day slasher classic The Strangers? Part of the answer arrives in a just-released clip from Scream Factory’s new collector’s edition Blu-ray of the 2008 movie, in which the masked-killer-playing Laura Margolis recalls how she freaked out Tyler during filming.

“I got strict instructions not to let Liv see me in my mask before we shot,” says Margolis. “The first scene that I shot was stalking Liv Tyler outside of the barn. I had been told that she really wanted to be scared. She didn’t want to have to fake it, and so it was my responsibility to really scare her. So we shot that scene, I ran at her, she started actually screaming, and then she kicked me away. … Bryan and the producers said I did a good job.”

The Strangers Blu-ray is out today. Bonus features include new HD masters of the film’s theatrical and unrated cuts and new interviews with Bertino, Margolis, actor Kip Weeks, and editor Kevin Greutert.

Watch that exclusive clip above and the trailer for the Scream Factory Blu-ray below.

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