By Shirley Li
March 01, 2018 at 10:00 AM EST

Most Likely to Murder

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Never mix booze and small-town conspiracy theories.

That’s a lesson washed-up former high-school king Billy (Adam Pally) failed to learn. In the exclusive trailer for the mystery comedy Most Likely to Murder above, Billy is convinced that Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser), the awkward new boyfriend of his ex Kara (Rachel Bloom), committed a murder — after mayyyybe seeing him act strangely one night following a few too many drinks. Going only off of his murky memory and his wish to be seen by Kara the way he once was, Billy decides to, as he puts it in the teaser, “do an investigation!” And, well, chaos ensues.

But the film, directed by Dan Gregor, isn’t just about one guy trying to play detective and doing a poor job of it. “It’s about people trying to start fresh,” Bloom previously told EW. “It’s about one person in the past who comes back into this town, is trying to drag everyone who’s moved on from him back to where he is. It’s weird because he’s the protagonist, but in many ways he’s the villain of the movie.”

Watch the trailer above. Most Likely to Murder will make its world premiere at SXSW, and will be released May 1 on Digital and On Demand.

Most Likely to Murder

  • Movie
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  • 05/01/18
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