Have you ever wanted to see Charlize Theron drop 10 f-bombs in one minute? Then this exclusive Gringo clip is just for you.

In the upcoming action comedy, the Oscar-winner plays Elaine, the head of a pharmaceutical company, who along with Richard (Joel Edgerton), has sent their underling Harold (David Oyelowo) to Mexico to deliver their new weed pill. But due to their shady business, Harold has been kidnapped by the cartel and held for a $5 million ransom.

After Elaine hilariously mocks Richard, he suggests that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if Harold didn’t come back. “We aren’t leaving Harold in f—ing Mexico, that’s crazy,” declares Elaine, prompting Richard to remind her that she said they should put their employee out of his misery. “I say crazy s— all the time, I don’t mean it literally.” Richard once again chimes in, pointing out that she had said literally. “Oh my f—,” screams Elaine. “I meant not literally literally; literally is something people say now. It doesn’t mean a f—ing thing.”

It’s going to be okay, though, because Richard “knows a guy.” (Hopefully it works out better than the last guy).

Watch the video above. Gringo opens in theaters on March 9.

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