The comedians play opposite in-laws in the new Netflix comedy
Credit: Netflix

So far, over the course of his multi-film Netflix deal, Adam Sandler has played a ridiculous cowboy, a fraudulent FBI agent, and the most awkward Hollywood agent of all time. For his next one, The Week Of, Sandler will be taking on a new role as father of the bride. The new trailer for The Week Of puts Sandler’s character in an unflattering parallel with the father of the groom, a wealthy and successful surgeon played by Chris Rock.

Sandler says in the trailer that “every father looks forward to making a wedding for their little girl.” But clearly, cost-cutting is just as much of a priority for his character as making memories. Sandler refuses to give up: When his cheap hotel starts leaking, he decides to host the whole wedding party in his crowded house rather than let Rock use his resources to bail them all out.

The Week Of is coming to Netflix soon. Watch the trailer above. And check out EW’s take on all of Sandler’s Netflix movies here.