Oh hai, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s new movie.

The Room duo, whose efforts to get the cult classic to the big screen inspired The Disaster Artist, are back together in Best F(r)iends. And the new trailer for the film, which Sestero wrote, looks to be just as strange and wild as their last project, but this time with shootouts, a mysterious ATM, and a dead clown.

“Just imagine a Hitchcock film setting starring Tommy,” Sestero tells EW.

“I have a good story for you,” says Wiseau’s mortician character in the preview. “A familiar story. One guy meet another in a big city. They have dream, but something change. Greed, hatred, and jealousy. You understand the words?”

Originally announced in Oct. 2016, the film has now been cut into two volumes (“Kill Bill style,” as Disaster Artist star James Franco has joked). Vol. 1 will play in 600 select theaters nationwide on March 30 and April 2, followed by Vol. 2 on June 1 and June 4.

Watch the trailer above.