Alexander Skarsgård-starring film is now available to watch on Netflix

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Mute.

Filmmaker Duncan Jones recently spoke to EW about the strange connection between Robert Altman’s MASH and his now-available-to-watch-on-Netflix science-fiction extravaganza, Mute. But the British director’s new film also references his own 2009 debut movie, Moon, thanks to cameos by that much-beloved cult classic’s star Sam Rockwell. While we won’t reveal the precise nature of the Oscar nominee’s appearances, we can confirm that Rockwell is reprising his role from Moon, meaning the two films take place in the same fictional universe. What was it like for Jones to have his Moon star back, playing the same part, almost a decade later?

“It was really good fun,” says the director. “Sam was wondering, ‘How does this fit into the film?’ I was like, ‘Look, it’s a little Easter egg for those people who cared about what happened at the end of Moon, and it fits into this universe’ — because the idea is that that story of [Moon] is ongoing in the background of this story. If we do ever a chance to do a third movie, maybe we can tie all of these things together a little bit more.”

Mute stars Skarsgård as a bartender in Berlin whose girlfriend, played by Seyneb Saleh, goes missing, while Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux portray a pair of morally dubious surgeons.

Watch the trailers for Mute and Moon, above.

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