'History of Violence' screenwriter Josh Olson drops the dime on underseen cop classic

There’s something deeply wrong-seeming about a cop thriller which partners Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum. But, sometimes, things which seem so wrong turn out to be so so right, as Trailers from Hell “guru” and screenwriter Josh Olson (History of Violence) argues in his new commentary for the 1992 film, Deep Cover.

“Fishburne is riveting,” says Olson. “He plays a tightly wound cop with a strong moral code — he never drinks, never does drugs — and Charles Martin Smith plays a thoroughly nasty and corrupt DEA agent, who sees something in him and recruits him to go undercover as a drug dealer for the DEA. Fishburne teams up with Jeff Goldblum, in one of his most eccentric performances, and the two of them go beyond anyone’s expectations, to the point where they actually become a threat to the U.S. government’s backdoor dealings with Latin American drug cartels. The movie is dark, it’s scary, it’s violent, it’s sexy, and it’s political as hell. The kind of movie that is increasingly hard to make these days. It’s got an incredible supporting cast…but flying over all of it, always in charge, is Laurence Fishburne, taking his place alongside our greatest movie stars.”

Watch Olson’s full commentary, above.