We’ve heard the Tonya Harding story, most recently through the Oscar-nominated I, Tonya. Now, Shane Stant is telling his side. In the first trailer for My Hero’s Shadow, Stant, the man who attacked ice skater Nancy Kerrigan ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics, is prepared to give his full account of the incident to sister Maile Stant.

“If you mentally believe that you belong somewhere, then no one will question you,” Stant says in the trailer. “I was timing the movements of the cameramen. He followed [Kerrigan], he put the camera down, and I just walked right past him to the right.”

Harding’s ex, Jeff Gillooly, helped hire Stant to club Kerrigan in order to ruin her chances of making the Olympic team. The “hitman,” as he was dubbed in the media, spent 15 months behind bars. “I was beating people up periodically for money,” Stant added. “I can’t by any means say I made one bad turn. I was already in the depths of making a lot of bad turns.”

My Hero’s Shadow also tells Maile’s story. Now 26, Stant’s sister confronts him on camera to hear his side of the infamous moment. “I don’t think I was ever ready to hear my brother say, ‘Yeah, I was definitely a person that would hurt someone,'” she says.

Harding has been discussing the situation with press in light of I, Tonya, in which Margot Robbie portrays the titular role and Sebastian Stan plays Gillooly. How much Harding knew of Kerrigan’s attack beforehand has always been a point of contention, though the controversial former athlete has long denied she had anything to do with it.

Harding again told ABC News that, “no,” Gillooly never told her anything. She did, however, “overhear them talking about stuff where, ‘Well, maybe we should take somebody out so we can make sure she gets on the team.'” Harding clarified it didn’t click for her, even as Kerrigan was attacked.

Stant told Inside Edition in an interview that debuted in January he couldn’t say whether or not Harding knew.

Justin Young directs and produces My Hero’s Shadow with Marcus Young and Kevin Welch. The documentary is still awaiting distribution.