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This is what happens when you lose a bet to Lupita Nyong’o.

Michael B. Jordan made an undisclosed wager with his Black Panther costar. Which he apparently lost. Now, Nyong’o holds the power to command push-ups out of him whenever she pleases.

This was first recorded for the cameras during a live Q&A with the cast and director of Black Panther for Twitter. The moderator asked Jordan a question about playing a villain when Nyong’o chimed in, “And can I just add to that? Give me one, please.”

“She’s cold-blooded!” Jordan exclaimed after he got down on stage in front of the audience. (Watch beginning at the 49:10 mark of this video.)

The 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner caught Jordan again at a Calvin Klein fashion show during New York Fashion Week. “3 more to go…” she teased on Instagram.

Nyong’o then tracked him down backstage on The View with her Black Panther castmates. “I definitely have time to talk to you,” she said, “and I would especially like to see you get down.”

Now she has two left!

Where will Nyong’o strike next?

Both she and Jordan have earned acclaim for their roles in Black Panther, playing “War Dog” Nakia and villain Killmonger, respectively. Chadwick Boseman leads the cast as T’Challa, the newly crown king of Wakanda and the kingdom’s defender known as Black Panther.

Nyong’o continues her streak of viral moments as she recreated Boseman’s shirtless Rolling Stone magazine cover and rapped with actress Letitia Wright (who plays tech genius Shuri in the film).

Black Panther is now playing in theaters.

Black Panther
Directed by Ryan Coogler, the 2018 superhero film is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, the king who rules over the Afrofuturist paradise of Wakanda.
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