Plus, see a new poster and video teaser

Pixar fans know the sound well. It’s the sound of trumpets blaring, xylophones trembling, and trombones booming the arrival of The Incredibles. Now with The Incredibles 2 in production at long last, composer Michael Giacchino and writer-director Brad Bird are in the studio recording the new score — and they’ve got a little behind-the-scenes snippet to share with you.

“Here we are on Sony’s scoring stage and we are here to do what, Brad?” Giacchino asks his fearless leader in a video shared on Twitter Monday.

“We are here to do this!” Bird says, holding up a booklet of music for the supersized sequel.

Giacchino followed up with another video showcasing the studio orchestra getting into the mood with that familiar anthem for the opening credits.

The Parr family is back in action for The Incredibles 2, only this time it’s Helen (Holly Hunter) who’s taking the spotlight and Bob (Craig T. Nelson) staying at home with Jack-Jack and his son’s explosive powers. Picking up right after the events of the first film, the sequel sees the emergence of a new threat and new characters, like Bob Odenkirk’s Super obsessed Winston Deavor.

New looks at The Incredibles 2 are coming our way, as Pixar shared a new poster and the announcement that another video sneak peek will arrive during the Winter Games coverage on NBC this Wednesday.

Credit: Disney/Pixar

The Incredibles 2 will hit theaters on June 15.

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