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Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok had a lot of things, including goth glam Cate Blanchett, Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination,” and the Hulk fighting a giant undead wolf. One thing it didn’t have was a scene where space Jeff Goldblum makes out with some alien tentacles — until now.

EW has a first look at one of the deleted scenes from the upcoming Ragnarok home release, and it’s just as weird and delightful as you’d hope. This scene comes after (SPOILER ALERT!) Thor, Bruce, and Valkyrie highjack the Grandmaster’s orgy ship and fly through the wormhole known as the Devil’s Anus, on their way back to Asgard. (There’s a sentence for you.) There’s a hologram of Goldblum being as weird as possible as Chris Hemsworth uncomfortably looks on, Mark Ruffalo making Disney references, and Tessa Thompson slurping down some alien bug noodles.

“Taika and I work in a not dissimilar way,” Goldblum previously told EW. “We’re nothing if not conscientious and Johnny-on-the-spot with all of our research and ideas, but then we’re willing to throw it all away and just fool around and find something playful and find something that tickles us and see where the chips fall, and that’s where we go. Anything that you see in the movie was a version that was selected by Taika’s tasteful editing from usually 10 other choices of stuff that we tried. We just kind of had a growth spurt and a creative ecstasy together and what you see is the result of something from that.”

This scene is one of several deleted scenes and bonus features on the Thor: Ragnarok digital release, which will be available to purchase Feb. 20. The DVD and Blu-ray will hit shelves March 6.

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