Scream Factory's 2-disc Collector's Edition set of Sam Raimi's horror movie is available Feb. 13

Drag Me to Hell

It is well known that director Sam Raimi enjoys jovially tormenting Bruce Campbell when he is playing Ash in the Evil Dead horror franchise. But Campbell isn’t the only person the filmmaker has put through the ringer, as Alison Lohman recalls in a just-released clip from one of the bonus features on Scream Factory’s new 2-disc Drag Me to Hell Collector’s Edition Blu-ray (out Feb. 13).

“It was just relentless and I think that’s just Sam’s style,” laughs Lohman. “He just really likes to see his actors tormented. Because honestly, there was a certain amount in the script and he would just keep adding to it. It was all Sam. I mean, I would even say, ‘Wait, are you sure that you want to put her through that? Because I thought we were going to end the movie at some point!’ Yeah, it was just relentless. It was just crazy. But that was part of the story.”

In the film, Lohman’s character evicts an elderly woman from her house and becomes the victim of an evil curse, which means she has only three days to dissuade a dark spirit from stealing her soul before she is dragged to hell for an eternity of unthinkable torment. The Collector’s Edition Blu-ray includes new HD masters of both the film’s theatrical and unrated versions and new interviews with Lohman, actress Lorna Raver, and composer Christopher Young, among other bonus extras.

Exclusively watch that clip from the interview with Lohman above and see the Blu-ray’s trailer, below.

The Drag Me to Hell Blu-ray is available Feb. 13.

Drag Me to Hell
  • Movie
  • 99 minutes