People from across Hollywood and media rallied behind Uma Thurman after the Kill Bill star publicly detailed her sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein in The New York Times.

The actress stated in a piece published Saturday that the now-disgraced movie producer physically attacked her in a London hotel room and later threatened to destroy her career. Weinstein denied the accusations in a statement obtained by EW, though admitted to “making an awkward pass” at Thurman 25 years ago in England.

“I love you, Uma Thurman,” tweeted Asia Argento, one of the many other women in Hollywood who have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. (Weinstein, who is currently in treatment, has denied any instance of nonconsensual sex.)

“Uma Thurman has seen the inside of our industry for 30yrs. I have great respect for her,” Jessica Chastain wrote. “She is a warrior.”

Thurman also stated she had told director Quentin Tarantino about Weinstein’s behavior toward her. In a separate incident, the director pressured her into performing a scene in Kill Bill that caused permanent injury, Thurman said. The Times published never-before-seen video of the on-set car crash. Reps for Tarantino did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

“I’m so furious after reading this,” filmmaker Lexi Alexander tweeted of The Times‘ piece. “To almost kill an actress in a stunt…for no other reason but an egomaniac director flaunting power. Meantime, 1st ADs, stunt choreographers, the teamster who warned Uma…they all would have suffered career-ending consequences had she died.”

“If a filmmaker likes showing you women and people of colour bloodied and brutalised -it’s because that’s what he wants to look at,” Scottish actress Morven Christie (Ordeal By Innocence) wrote. “Not rocket science, is it?”

RuPaul, Women’s March organizers, and Women and Hollywood founder Melissa Silverstein also shared Thurman’s story in The Times.

“Every time I read another one of these startling revelations about what women are put through in Hollywood my heart aches,” Silverstein tweeted.

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