What does it take to get a therapist to break her code of ethics? Jon Hamm smirking in a tight sweater and swigging a glass of wine, perhaps.

At least that’s what happens in the trailer for the upcoming drama Aardvark, which EW can exclusively debut. Directed by first-time feature filmmaker Brian Shoaf, the film stars Jenny Slate as a mental health professional, Emily, who falls for the brother of a patient who may or may not be suffering from schizophrenia.

“My brother’s back in town. He’s been gone 15 or 16 years,” says Zachary Quinto (who also co-produced the film) as Josh, the patient in question.

“Would you want to engage with him?” Emily asks. Shortly after, Josh’s sibling, Craig (Hamm), pays her a visit and coaxes her to the dark side while inquiring into his estranged brother’s behavior.

“This is not a normal thing for me,” Emily tells him, knowingly entering dangerous territory. The plot thickens as Josh reflects on his brother’s identity, claiming that he often appears in shape-shifted forms.

“Have you spoken to your brother yet?” Emily asks her patient. With alarmed curiosity, he replies, “Why, have you?”

Aardvark opens April 13 in limited release. Watch the new trailer above.

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