Laurie Strode is back!
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The tagline for director John Carpenter’s original 1978 slasher classic Halloween was “The night he came home!” — the “he” in question, of course, being the homicidal Michael Myers. Four decades on, director David Gordon Green’s now-in-production reboot of the franchise represents a homecoming for several people, notably Carpenter, who has given his blessing to the project and will likely contribute to the soundtrack, Nick Castle, who played Myers (a.k.a. “the Shape”) in the first film and will reportedly do so again in this reboot, and Jamie Lee Curtis, who is reprising her role as Haddonfield’s second most famous local, Laurie Strode.

Today, Curtis marked her return to the world of Halloween by posting on Instagram a photo of herself, Green, and a clapperboard used on Carpenter’s 1978 film.

“First shot,” wrote Curtis. “@halloweenmovie Halloween 40 years later. Same slate. Same Laurie. David Gordon Green directing from his script. Happy Halloween 2018 everyone. See you all 10/19/18.”

The new Halloween film is cowritten by Green and Danny McBride and is indeed released Oct. 19. See the image of Curtis, below.

Halloween (2018)
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