The Hollywood superstar showed the stunt-gone-wrong from multiple angles

Wanna see exactly how Tom Cruise broke his ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible – Fallout? The Hollywood megastar was happy to show Graham Norton when he and his cast members appeared on the British talk show to discuss the sixth installment of the action franchise.

“It’s still broken, but I’m doing well,” Cruise said in a clip from Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show. “It’s not fully healed, but we’re shooting.”

Joined by Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, and Simon Pegg, Cruise actually brought footage of the incident that was captured on set from three different cameras. The actor was filming a scene in which he raced across the roof of a building to leap onto another in pursuit of Cavill’s character.

“I’m wearing two wires,” Cruise prefaced. “They’re basically just safety wires because I go at a full tilt and I’m sprinting as hard as I can and I hit the side of the wall and that’s the stunt.” But he said he knew he broke his ankle as soon as he hit his landing.

The first camera showed the moment from behind, but the second held the money shot of Cruise’s ankle bending a bit too far for his liking. The third camera was taken from the front, showing how he managed to pull himself atop the building and begin running with a broken ankle.

“I didn’t want to do it again,” he said. “I knew instantly it was broken.” But it seems like it was worth it because director Christopher McQuarrie got his money shot. “That profile shot, both those shots are in the movie,” Cruise said.

As it happens, there’s a fourth look at this scene, since Cruise shared a new photo from Fallout Friday morning on Instagram.

“We have a release date, so we have to keep going,” he told Norton.

Production was temporarily halted on the latest Mission: Impossible in August to give Cruise enough time to get back on his feet. Paramount Pictures, however, didn’t move the July 27 release date. So the cast is still filming as McQuarrie puts the “finishing touches” on the first trailer. It was only Thursday that Cruise revealed the official Fallout title of the film on social media.

But the experience wasn’t all doom and gloom. Pegg also shared a behind-the-scenes story from when they filmed a car chase in Paris.

“It’s a very cramped car, particularly with Ving [Rhames] and Henry, who are both big guys, and me in the middle bombing around Paris,” Pegg said.

While resetting the shot, Cavill jogged back to his mark with Pegg, Rhames, and Cruise driving the car next to him and singing the theme from Superman. “One of the coolest moments of my life is having Tom Cruise do that driving next to you,” Cavill said.

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