Plus: 'Scream Me By Your Name' — seriously, you'll laugh 'til you cry
Lady BirdSaoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf
Credit: Merie Wallace/A24

This new trailer for Lady Bird is a scream. Literally.

A fan-created trailer for Oscar-nominated, critical darling features the creator of the viral video dubbing over every line for every character with her own voice screaming the dialogue.

The result is a bizarre, yet also incredibly hilarious take on the Greta Gerwig film, taking the trailer’s funny and emotional exchanges and heightening them even further.

The creator, named Toni with Twitter username @laterchalamet, also created a similar re-mixed trailer for Scream Call Me By Your Name — Elio and Oliver yell at each other with newfound passion.

Watch both re-dubbed trailers above to have your face screaming, sorry, streaming with tears of laughter.

Call Me by Your Name
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