By Nick Romano
January 17, 2018 at 11:36 AM EST

Will Ferrell is keeping the legend of Ron Burgundy alive. The Saturday Night Live veteran channeled his Anchorman character for a post-match interview with Roger Federer at the Australian Open.

“In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, it’s great to be here with two tennis players: Roger Federer and John Macintosh,” Ferrell said, noting John McEnroe by their side.

Thanks to this tennis court chat, Anchorman fans can now add the phrase “silky gazelle” to their quotable vocabulary.

“Roger, tonight you seemed liked a gazelle out there on the court,” Ferrell began. “Would you describe your game as a silky gazelle?”

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Federer replied. “A gazelle? Don’t they get eaten at the end?”

“Not if they’re fast enough,” Ferrell remarked. “Quick question, Roger. You’re 36 years old, you seem ageless. Are you a witch or a vampire?” The tennis star did his best to match the outlandish questions, which also tackled wombat meat and the “annoying” crowd chants.

As Ferrell made his way out, he finished with a spin on Burgundy’s signature sign-off: “You stay classy, Melbourne.”

Watch the interview in the clip above.

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