By Kara Warner
January 15, 2018 at 08:22 AM EST

Tiffany Haddish is going to the Super Bowl — with Groupon!

The Girls Trip star is the company’s new official spokesperson and will appear in a series of commercials — including their upcoming Super Bowl spot.

The news should come as no surprise for those familiar with the breakout comedic star, who is not only still an avid Groupon user, but her viral re-telling of using Groupon to go on a swamp tour with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is one of the funniest stories ever told on late night.

Groupon’s head of marketing for North America, Jon Wild, says that the YouTube link of Haddish’s incredible Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance spread like wildfire throughout the company and they started looking into how they could work with the actress and discovered she’s not only an avid user, she’s in the top one percent of most frequent Groupon purchasers.

“The Jimmy Kimmel link went through the entire company very quickly,” Wild tells PEOPLE. “We talked about involving her in our business more and as we got to know her, her purchases and the type of customer she is, we wanted to find her the stage that is appropriate and here we are talking about her in the context of the Super Bowl.”

Wild says that they shot their big Super Bowl spot in December and will be teasing out snippets from the shoot as the big game approaches.

“We went in with a script but honestly some of the best stuff we’ve got she improvised,” he says. “She knows our product better than a lot of Groupon employees, it was incredible. She could name what she’d done, the experience she had and how much she’d saved.”

In addition to Haddish’s official partnership with the company, they’ve basically made her an honorary employee.

“She’s experienced a lot, she’s now sort of on staff now, part of our team,” says Wild. “We got her our employee app, we put some Groupon bucks in her account, not that we need to.”

There’s also a specially-curated page of Groupon goods and experiences selected by Haddish to share with users which you can view here:

“It’s not her team, it’s her,” adds Wild. “She’s taken a very specific interest in selecting goods and services to go in her collection. She knows our product, back to front. We see this as a partnership beyond the Super Bowl, my expectation is that we want to continue to have a long relationship with Tiffany.”

Groupon’s Super Bowl commercial will air on Feb. 4 during the fourth quarter of the game.

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