If you thought mother! was “kookoo-bananas-nuttzo-cray,” watch this “kookoo-bananas-nuttzo-cray” Honest Trailer for it.

The latest installment of the Screen Junkies series dives into the Darren Aronofsky film that makes you go, “What is going on? Stop making me feel dumb, movie! You’re the dumb one!”

Critical reception was mixed on mother!, which begins with the premise that Jennifer Lawrence is playing the wife of a struggling writer (Javier Bardem) whose life becomes a nightmare when unexpected house guests (Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris) come to stay at their home.

mother!‘s CinemaScore rating landed the infamous (or, as some could argue, coveted) F grade.

The Honest Trailer posits the film is “either a retelling of the Bible from nature’s perspective, an allegory about global warming, a meditation on the creative process, a critique of traditional gender roles, or a story about how hard it is to date a famous person.”

Watch the Honest Trailer above.

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