Documentary debuts Jan. 26 on Rooster Teeth's streaming service FIRST

The new documentary Becoming Jessica Nigri details how its titular subject transformed from nerdy teenager to a superstar of the cosplay world. Directed by Mat Hames, the film premieres on Rooster Teeth’s streaming service FIRST on Jan. 26.

“With this documentary, I want people to understand how important cosplay is to me, this community, and to all of the people it could potentially affect in the world,” says Nigri in a statement. “Cosplay saved me, and so many others in ways I could never describe. With this doc, if I could get just a handful of people to put on a costume and make some new friends, I would be happy. If I want people to walk away with anything from having watched this documentary, it’s that no matter who you are, cosplay is for everyone and can bring us all together.”

Exclusively watch the trailer for Becoming Jessica Nigri, above.