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Meryl Streep says she’s “shocked” that Tom Hanks, her costar in The Post, hasn’t gotten an Oscar nomination in nearly two decades.

When this come from the performer who holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations, it’s a powerful “For Your Consideration” endorsement just as Oscar nomination ballots are due Friday.

Like many movie fans, you may be doing your own math. Didn’t he get one for Captain Phillips? No, Hanks was part of the general awards conversation then, but he was passed over by the Academy. He hasn’t had an Oscar nod since Cast Away in 2001.

In Steven Spielberg’s The Post, Streep plays Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and Hanks, is the paper’s iconic editor Ben Bradlee in a story from 1971 about the Nixon administration trying to stop the press from reporting on a series of leaked documents about the American involvement in Vietnam. The movie has been out in limited release but debuts nationwide Friday.

In the video above, Streep talks about working for the first time with the Forrest Gump and Philadelphia actor.

“I depended on him, and so did everyone in the film,” Streep says. “It makes him so much fun to play with as an actor because he is so alive and alert. And every nuance, every little bitty thing that’s different each take, you throw at him, he bats it back.”

That’s when she gets to the issue of the Oscars.

“That he hasn’t been nominated in 17 years, I’m actually shocked, because the work we’ve seen is at such a consistently high level. And this role of Ben Bradlee, in particular, has a dynamism. Tom steps outside of anything we’ve seen before.”

Tomorrow: EW presents a joint Q&A with Streep and Hanks.

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