The new film from Brian Taylor, the co-director of the 'Crank' films, opens in theaters and is on VOD and Digital HD on Jan. 19
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In Mom and Dad, the parental bond is turned on its head as mothers and fathers suddenly decide that the thing they most want to do is murder their kids. Who is responsible for bringing us such a crazy premise? That would be writer-director Brian Taylor, whose other (insane) credits include the SYFY show Happy! and the Jason Statham-starring Crank movies, which Taylor co-directed with Mark Neveldine.

Mom and Dad stars Nicolas Cage (who previously worked with Taylor on 2011’s superhero sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance) and Selma Blair as a married couple while Anne Winters and Zackary Arthur play their unfortunate offspring. The film is released Jan. 19 in theaters, on VOD, and via Digital HD.

Watch the trailer for Mom and Dad below and an exclusive clip from the film, above.