'Big Ass Spider!' filmmaker Mike Mendez ruminates on early vehicle for 'Twin Peaks' star

Want to see Kyle MacLachlan play a weirdness-investigating FBI agent but aren’t quite ready to delve back into Twin Peaks-land? Then the Trailers From Hell website has the perfect recommendation in the entertainingly berserk form of filmmaker Jack Sholder’s 1987 sci-fi-horror-action extravaganza, The Hidden.

“When an alien parasite lands on earth, it has the power to change host and goes on a violent crime spree,” says filmmaker and TFH “guru” Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!, Don’t Kill It), in the latest trailer commentary from Joe Dante’s site. “What does it want? Literally, it just wants to f— shit up. It wants to murder, rob, eat fatty foods, and drive Ferraris. The police are powerless to stop this crime sprees. Only a mysterious FBI agent played by Kyle MacLachlan seems to have a clue on how to stop it. He must team up with a reluctant LAPD cop, played by Michael Nouri, to try to stop the ever-growing pile of bodies…What I like about The Hidden is that it’s just a wildly inventive and fun movie. Shoot-outs, car chases, explosions, and a massive body count. The alien parasite is on a thrill-killing spree like no other. I love that the alien only steals expensive sports cars and loves listening to loud metal while doing so. I think it’s a great touch.”

You can hear Mendez’s full commentary for The Hidden trailer, above.