You don’t have to think too hard about the meaning behind the title Blockers.

John Cena, Leslie Mann, and Ike Barinholtz play parents willing to do whatever they must to put the kibosh on their teenage children’s sex pact in the new trailer for the film. That apparently means an alcohol-chugging contest with the Ferdinand star funneling booze up his butt.

In some ways, Blockers feels like a gender-swapped American Pie. Both films flaunt raunchy comedy, except instead of a group of awkward boys determined to lose their virginities by prom night, it’s the girls. Only Blockers is about the parents’ perspectives and their determination to keep these teens as chaste as possible.

Kay Cannon is an Emmy-nominated story editor from NBC’s 30 Rock, the screenwriter behind the Pitch Perfect franchise, and the creator of Netflix’s Girlboss. She now makes her feature film directorial debut on Blockers.

The new trailer is filled with parental awkwardness as Cena’s Mitchell stumbles on what he believes is his daughter’s vibrator, tries to decipher the kids’ emoji conversations, and Mann’s Lisa asking herself “WWVDD” (“what would Vin Diesel do?”) before going Fast and Furious amid their hijinks.

And did we mention Cena chugs beer up his butt?

Blockers hits theaters on April 6. Watch the new trailer above.