Steven Spielberg’s The Post could soon be screening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Donald Trump’s team has requested and was granted access to screen the 20th Century Fox film at both the White House and Camp David, where he is scheduled to host a summit this weekend with Republican lawmakers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Representatives for Fox and the White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Hollywood films have a long tradition of screening at the White House for the first family, staffers, and invited guests, but The Post is noteworthy because of both its subject matter and its stars — the film follows the team of editors and reporters at The Washington Post in 1971 as they debated whether to take the risk of publishing the Pentagon Papers, a story that many have noted feels relevant today in light of the Trump administration’s attitude towards the media.

It also stars Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, both of whom have publicly criticized Trump. Hanks recently said that if The Post did screen at the White House, he wouldn’t attend.

“Individually we have to decide when we take to the ramparts,” he told The Hollywood Reporter last month. “You don’t take to the ramparts necessarily right away, but you do have to start weighing things. You may think: ‘You know what? I think now is the time.’ This is the moment where, in some ways, our personal choices are going to have to reflect our opinions. We have to start voting, actually, before the election. So, I would probably vote not to go.”

The Post, which is nominated for six awards at this weekend’s Golden Globes, is in select theaters now.

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