A fan compiled a video showing every delivery of the character's name in Edgar Wright's hit movie

Baby, baby, tell me how many times you can say baby?

The title character of Baby Driver, played by Ansel Elgort, loves listening to music — and since he goes by “Baby,” there’s no shortage of songs bearing his name. And people just love to say it — with its quick two-syllable burst and sibilant “b’s” it pops right off the screen.

While some people use the internet to build “f-bomb” counters for particularly foul-mouthed films, one Baby Driver fan has compiled a video of all the times the word “baby” is said (or sung) in the film.

Director and writer Edgar Wright shared the video Friday on Twitter, warning viewers that it contains spoilers if you haven’t seen the film.

Watch the video above to hear that baby one more time.

Baby Driver
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