The horror movie finds her building a massive house to contain angry spirits

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

You’ve probably heard the name that adorns Helen Mirren’s new ghost thriller, Winchester. That’s because it belongs, of course, to one of the world’s largest gun fortunes. The new horror movie from the the Spiering brothers finds Sarah Winchester (Mirren) trying to use her family’s massive wealth to build a house so intricate it could contain every ghost that seeks vengeance on the makers of the guns that killed them. Strange, macabre undertakings like this always work out well in horror movies, right? Right?

At first it seems like things are going according to Sarah’s plan. By barring every door with 13 nails, she believes she can contain the wrathful spirits inside. She’s got the threat handled to such a level that Dr. Eric Price (Jason Clarke) feels safe scoffing at it. But then a little kid with a haunting voice shows up, the nails start falling off the doors, and even Price may have to rethink his scientific skepticism once hands start grabbing him from behind doors.

Winchester hits theaters Feb. 2. Check out the new trailer above.

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built
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