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What’s better than watching Notting Hill? Barry Jenkins watching Notting Hill for the first time over someone else’s shoulder on an airplane from New York to Los Angeles while drinking bourbon and listening to a playlist that includes Rick Ross and DJ Shadow.

The director of the Oscar-winning Moonlight live-tweeted his experience on a Wednesday flight home with help from his little “friend,” Woodford Reserve. It began with, “In other news, the woman next to me is watching NOTTING HILL,” and it got better from there.

“Okay so I can’t actually hear the movie, somebody help me, what’s up with Hugh [Grant]’s character? He just made out with Julia Roberts and I’m like… HUH?” Jenkins tweeted when he got settled in. “Julia just looks waaaaaaaay too much for his character in this! But I can’t hear it so maybe he got game? Like English cat game???”

And Twitter responded. “Okay,” he continued, “somebody tweeted me that Hugh owns a bookstore, but… on their first date Julia had that braid AND that onesie body suit tucked into jeans and flat heel boots, she was basically Jay-Lo on IN LIVING COLOR! Translation: TEW MUCH FOR HUGH!!!”

Other priceless observations include more thoughts on Grant’s “English cat game,” Robert’s “Jenny from the Block,” and a shaving scene.

“WHY IS THERE A SCENE OF HUGH GRANT SHAVING?! Everybody knows HUGH GRANT DONT SHAVE!!!!” Jenkins tweeted. “That dude ain’t NEVER NOT BEEN CLEAN SHAVEN!!! I doth protest!!! English cat game means HUGH AIN’T TO SHAVE BRUH!!!!! Flag on the play Coach Michell!!!”

Read the full thread below.

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