Bad guys have a Death Wish in the new trailer for Eli Roth‘s remake of the 1974 thriller.

In the original, actor Charles Bronson played an architect-turned-Man-on-Fire out to exact vengeance on the men who murdered his wife and brutally assaulted his daughter. Here, Bruce Willis is “cocked, locked, and ready to rock” as Dr. Paul Kersey, a surgeon who becomes a vicious vigilante when a similar situation befalls his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and daughter (Camila Morrone).

It’s a persona Willis has returned to time and again. The actor made a killing starring in actioners like Die Hard, Red, Sin City, The Expendables, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He’s also had films released over the past couple years bearing titles like First Kill, Extraction, and Marauders.

Roth, known for horror like The Green Inferno and Hostel, seems to consider this modern Death Wish as a reimagining of the original novel by Brian Garfield, rather than a straight remake of director Michael Winner’s work. The Grey screenwriter Joe Carnahan, who’s also working on the movie adaptation of the Uncharted video game franchise, penned the screenplay.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Netflix’s Daredevil), Dean Norris (AMC’s Breaking Bad), and Kimberly Elise (Dope) also feature in the film, which will now open on March 2, 2018 after a release date shuffle.

Watch the new trailer above.

Death Wish
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