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This one’s for the fans and not the critics: Netflix has confirmed it will move forward with a sequel to Bright, the critically drubbed David Ayer fantasy film starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

According to Netflix, Ayer will write and direct the sequel, with Smith and Edgerton expected to return as, respectively, an LAPD officer and his orc partner. Original screenwriter Max Landis will not return.

Released on Dec. 22 of last year, Bright is considered the first Netflix blockbuster — Netflix says it was the “highest viewed Netflix film ever on the service in its first week of release and one of the biggest originals (including sequels/additional seasons) Netflix has ever launched.”

Critics were less than kind, dragging the film as one of the year’s worst.

“I love how bizarre it is,” Smith previously told EW. “I’ve been saying it’s Training Day — a gritty L.A. cop drama, the darkness and handheld grittiness — meets Lord of the Rings. There’s orcs and fairies and elves, mean-ass elves.”

Ayer has continued to defend his film against critics, reacting to one negative review in particular by saying, “This is going on my fridge. Highest compliment is a strong reaction either way. This is a f—ing epic review. It’s a big fun movie.”

Bright, which also stars Noomi Rapace and Edgar Ramirez, is available now.

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