The end of 2017 is almost here. How many of its movies did you see?

Whether you missed most or caught ‘em all, here’s the perfect recap. In celebration of another year in film, JoBlo editor Nick Bosworth has made an epic mashup video, seamlessly cutting together clips from hundreds of movies that came out in 2017. The inspired edit will bring back all your cinematic memories, both good and bad, of the last 12 months, when the sick was big and the hours were little, the night was rough and the passion was quiet, we had a driver that was a baby and a baby that was a boss.

So look back on the films of 2017 — the year of Wonder and Wonder Woman, of Logan and Logan Lucky — by watching the video above. And good luck getting the inexplicably ubiquitous “Take Me Home, Country Roads” out of your head before the new year gets here. You’ve been warned.