'Pitch Perfect 3' is in theaters now

Can the Pitch Perfect cast recap their first two movies in seven minutes? Challenge aca-accepted.

Ahead of Pitch Perfect 3’s arrival in theaters, stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and costars Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Chrissie Fit, Hana Mae Lee, and Ester Dean took fans through a quick recap of Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 for Vanity Fair.

Sadly, the recap is spoken, not sung, but it’s still a good way to refresh your memory on everything that’s happened with the Barden Bellas in the 2012 hit and its 2015 sequel.

Pitch Perfect 3 finds the Bellas, now graduated from college, reuniting to perform one last time on a USO tour. “It’s totally like summer camp,” Kendrick told EW earlier this year of getting back on set with the other actresses. “We spend every waking moment together: We’re shooting together constantly, we’re in the hair and makeup trailer together and when we’re not shooting, we’re in a green room together. It starts to feel like ‘Oh, my God, if I see these girls for one more second…’ and then every weekend it’s just like, ‘What you guys up to?’”

Watch the recap video above. You can read EW’s Pitch Perfect 3 review here, and see the film for yourself in theaters now.

Pitch Perfect 3
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